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A fun gift for all children to enjoy at the Festival time!

A set of your own paints and painting brush with Rosh Hashanah greetings cards, a honey dipper, your own individual pot of honey, your own bottle of grape juice and a set of wooden cut out table decorations all to paint and decorate.

Perfect for keeping little  ones busy while you are busy preparing for the Festival!
Honey jar is 42g of mixed flower honey with a KLBD hechsher.
Grape juice is 187ml bottle bottled at Zion Winery Ltd, Israel
Bottled at Yikvei Zion which is a Badatz  Eidah Chareidis authorised plant.


Please note, we cannot take this product back as it contains food.
Do not consume food from the painted end of the dipper.

Carefully packed in a gift bag with a ribbon.

This product is a perfect gift to celebrate with family and friends even if you cannot be with them in person.

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